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Academic Publications (recent)

Does Rollover Risk Matter to Payout Policies? Evidence from Japanese Listed Firms, Journal of Economics and Business, 2022, Vol 120 (Article 106055): 1-22. (with Junyu Saito) 

Loan Interest Rates on Rates and Amount of Loans Extended by Other Banks, THE ECONOMIC REVIEW, 2020, Vol 71(4): 331-357. (with Ichiro Uesugi and Hirofumi Uchida) (in Japanese)

The Effect of Debt Market Imperfection on Capital Structure and Investment: Evidence from the 2008 Global Financial Crisis in Japan, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 2019, Vol 74: 251-266.

The Effects of Access to Public Bond Market on Corporate Debt: Evidence from Japan, The Journal of Tokyo Keizai University: Economics, 2018, Vol 299: 59-79. (in Japanese)

Loans without Personal Guarantees and Financing and Performance of Borrower Firms, Review of Monetary and Financial Studies, 2018, Vol 40: 27-53. (with Iichiro Uesugi and Hirofumi Uchida) (in Japanese)

The Effect of Bank Lending Behavior on Firm Financing, Review of Monetary and Financial Studies, 2016, Vol 38: 18-43. (in Japanese)

Unsecured Loans and Firms' Financing and Performance, THE KOKUMIN-KEIZAI ZASSHI, 2015, Vol 212: 23-37. (with Iichiro Uesugi and Hirofumi Uchida) (in Japanese)

Bank Information Monopolies and Corporate Investment, Hitotsubashi Review of Commerce and Management, 2015, Vol 10: 2-18. (with Takashi Misumi) (in Japanese)

Working Papers (recent)

Adverse Selection versus Moral Hazard in Financial Contracting: Evidence from collateralized and non-collateralized loans, RIETI Discussion Paper Series, 201717-E-058 (with Iichiro Uesugi and Hirofumi Uchida).

Summary of the Survey on the Aftermath of SME Financing Facilitation Act, RIETI Discussion Paper Series, 201515-J-028,  (with Iichiro Uesugi, Hikaru Fukanuma, Arito Ono, Peng Xu, Daisuke Turuta, Tadanobu Nemoto, Daisuke Miyakawa, Yukihiro Yasuda, Nobuyoshi Yamori, and Wako Watanabe). (in Japanese)

Other Publications

Short essay on corporate bond market for below-investment graded firms, Newsletter on Funds & Money (Rating and Investment Information, Inc: R&I), 2010, Vol 75: 22.

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